Jan 30

Lumera Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum Review

The glossy tvcs, and adorable fliers have made Lumera Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum a total rage among ladies of my age. I am not gonna reveal my age if that’s what you are looking for. I am not in my twenties that you can of course guess. I was quite interested in using this formula to gain back the smoothness and youthful spunk of my skin back. I got the trial.

Yes they did offer a trial of lumera at their company website. At the very same time my next door neighbor told me she got a trial of La Crème anti wrinkle cream.

About the Product

Lumera is essentially an eye serum meant to-

  • reduce puffiness,
  • lighten dark circles and
  • wrinkles at the corners of eyes
  • help enhance collagen in the skin around eyes

The serum is an emollient with effective moisturizing qualities.


The First Impression of the Product-

It is a very fine moisturizer. It does make your skin feel supple. But the wrinkles remain steadfast. See expecting my deep seated wrinkle waving a goodbye is a far-fetched idea especially in the very first couple of weeks. And honestly a month long free trial will not give you but a hope.

My friend however seemed looking fresher as a flower! The freckles around her eyes and nose were less prominent. Her cheeks and skin near lips looked suppler, though wrinkles were there.

Final Results-

My small bottle of Lumera Eye Serum did not last a month; it was empty by the third week. I decided I am not going to buy the serum because it’s not really up to the mark. My skin is still as soggy and puffy as it used to be when I started using the serum.

The Shift!

On the behest of my neighbor I took a trial of La Crème Anti Wrinkle Cream. The cream has a light texture and leaves skin softer. You can even apply it under the makeup.

Benefits of this Anti Aging Solution-

  • With La Crème I got smoother skin.
  • My wrinkles indeed diminished, though not vanished yet.
  • Has a light texture, absorbs quickly
  • My dark circles are getting lighter indeed

Though the company Manuel of La Crème says it helps with

  • Collagen production also

But honestly I am not aware of that, what I am concerned about is that the product is really helpful. There was no side effects, it a gentle formula. And results are indeed believable.

What do I Recommend?

I would rather suggest you to try La Crème. It’s meant to be applied on your entire face and neck and does give you effective results. While Lumera is an under eye serum, and is slightly pricey as compared to this one.

Button Where to Buy the Anti Wrinkle Cream?

To claim your trial for La Crème anti Wrinkle Cream, you can visit the company website. And if you still are interested in trying out Lumera eye serum go to its official website for trial availability.